Top five: snacks!

I’ve received a few requests for some meal and snack tips so I’m going to do a “Top Five” series on snacks, meals, how to get rid of processed foods and more!

Today we’re talking about snacks. I’m going to give you my top five snack tips and then my personal top five favorite snacks!


  1. Eat every two-three hours. This will keep you from getting to the “Holy cow I’m starving!” state and will help keep your metabolism in check.
  2. Eat nutrient dense foods. Empty calorie foods like chips or candy bars offer you body nothing as far as real nutrition is concerned. You want foods packed with good vitamins!
  3. Eat foods that you like! You should eat foods that you enjoy. Eating healthy should not be torture!
  4. Try new foods! While #3 is so true, every once in a while branch out and try a new vegetable with your healthy veggie dip (recipe to follow below).
  5. Always have a snack on you. When you know you’re going to be gone from the house for a while, pack your snacks ahead of time and take them with you so you’ll be prepared.


Now these are my favorite snack foods!

  1. Plain Greek yogurt with fruit added. I buy plain because it is much lower in sugar. If you can’t do plain, buy the vanilla. Greek yogurt packs TWICE as much protein as regular yogurt!
  2. Peanut butter and an apple. Make sure your peanut butter does not have a bunch of extra ingredients. Ideally, it should only contain peanuts and maybe salt.
  3. Black beans and brown rice. I LOVE black beans! And I have a super simple recipe I found to cook them in the crockpot! Brown rice is much better for you and contains more fiber than white rice.
  4. Healthy veggie dip and raw veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.). Super easy healthy veggie dip: plain Greek yogurt with dry Ranch dip mixed in. A big thank you to my friend Lindsay for that recipe!
  5. Hummus and raw veggies. I’ll be honest – I’ve tried hummus and did not care for it. I think it was a texture issue, but I am going to get a flavored variety and give it another try this weekend! I know several friends who have made hummus themselves and it’s supposed to be super easy.

I hope these tips and tricks help you make some good snack choices in the weeks to come! Comment below with your favorite healthy snacks!