I’m so not a runner

I’ve started running again. This will be the third, yes third, time I’ve started the Couch to 5k program. But this time I will finish it! I’m determined because one of my goals this year is to run a 5k. Let’s see, the first time I was on week 4 day 3 and I tripped over a curb, sprained my ankle pretty bad and found out a month later we were pregnant with baby girl. I just never go back to it. The second time was last fall. I was trying to do C25k in the morning with Power 90 in the evening…it didn’t go well. I wasn’t in the right state of mind, I wasn’t fueling my body correctly and I just gave up. Again. So here I am again, having completed week 1 day 2 this morning. I was looking at the graphed information in my app after I ran this morning, comparing last fall to now and I was shocked at how much I have improved. Now, I still have a LONG ways to go, but sometimes I forget how far I have come. Last fall I only walked/ran 1.32 miles during my runs my first week. Today it was 2.07 miles. And my run pace has improved by 2.5 minutes! And I’ve dropped 20 lbs. It just made me feel really good in that moment. Can I run a 5k yet? Nope! But by the end of the summer I’ll be able to!

Do you want to start the C25k program and need some accountability? E-mail me at chelsea.kaster@gmail.com or message me on Facebook and I can plug you in to our private Facebook group.



2 thoughts on “I’m so not a runner

  1. Chelsea,
    PLEASE stick with it! You will finish it. I coach runners at TeachtoRun.com and am looking for 1 more participant for a c25k contest I am hosting. This is the first one I’ve ever done and I think this would give you a good push and motivation to finish up.
    If you choose to enter the competition I’ll send you the the normal package I give everyone I coach each month as well ($400 value) if you sign up. All it would be is comparing the rate of improvement between you and another runner in a different c25k program.

    Are you in?

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